Carpet Cleaning Granbury

Granbury Carpet Cleaning Customers Get a Break!

All of our Granbury customers receive special treatment. We live here in beautiful Granbury Texas as well and because of the short travel time between jobs we can afford to give all of our Granbury carpet cleaning customers a break on their carpet cleaning price. We save money on fuel so you save money on your carpet cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Granbury Carpet Cleaning uses non toxic safe carpet cleaning solutions that are applied to your dirty carpet. After a short dwell time your carpet is rinsed of all solutions and dirt using a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning machine that leaves your carpet completely residue free and dry with in a few hours.

VLM – Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

VLM is also known as "Encapsulation" carpet cleaning. This technology allows us to use very little moisture and still get amazing cleaning results.
The magic is in the encapsulation solutions and the machines used to agitate the carpet fibers. The encap solution literally encapsulates dirt and stains to be easily removed. This process works very well in residential and commercial settings even during business hours. The process is very quiet, the doors can be closed, and carpet dries very fast.

Granbury RotoVac carpet cleaning.

Sanitized For Free

The truck mounted steam cleaning machine produces water temperatures over 200 degrees. Anything over 180 degrees kills most germs and bacteria. That is the main reason customers with allergies feel much better after a thorough carpet cleaning.

Wand Carpet Cleaning

RotoVac Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Minimum $125.00
$40 per room

Average room is 200 sq. ft. or less.

VLM/Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Minimum $125
$45 per room

Average room is 200 sq. ft. or less.

Carpet Protector

$35.00 Per Room

Average room is 200 sq. ft. or less.